Villins are NYC’s most dangerous band! For starters, you should listen to their music over at Bandcamp –

They have an amazing range – exactly what you need when you’re part of the World’s Greatest Halloween Circus! For example,

Villins’ single “Crime!” is a funky gothic disco pop song about lust, desire, and the thrill of stealing each other’s hearts…

“We’ve been waiting for just one chance to be alone
Too hot to tell the difference between right & wrong
Outlawed & wanted now we sneak through the streets so we can steal each other’s love
Can’t fight temptation now we’re living a life of…

I want you, you want me
But we don’t have much time

And then they switch up their sound completely with something like “Everyday’s Like Saturday”. As they put it, it’s:

A feel good funky summer surf party jam about east coast surf adventures, “Everyday’s Like Saturday” is a bubblegum banger that’ll make you want to dance and get in the water.

[A note from the management: The Radisson hotel does not have a beach. It does, however, have a lovely, all-ages pool.]

Everyday’s Like Saturday
When I’m with you
Everyday’s Like Saturday, yeah
When I’m with you…

We’re very happy to have them with us! After all, what’s a Halloween without Villins, and what’s a Circus without a a musical duo who sprout superpowers?

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