The Mad Harlot Tea Society

Gilt & Fanfare: A Summertime Circus Dream is proud to welcome…The Mad Tea Harlot! Making Of A Mad Tea Harlot: The Story of Ms. Penelope Proper…abridged… Born in the humble hamlet of Yorkshire England to adventurous parents somewhere around 1850, Ms. Penelope began her exploration of the world before she had even left the womb.Continue reading “The Mad Harlot Tea Society”

The Villins – New York City’s Most Dangerous Band

Villins are NYC’s most dangerous band! For starters, you should listen to their music over at Bandcamp – They have an amazing range – exactly what you need when you’re part of the World’s Greatest Halloween Circus! For example, Villins’ single “Crime!” is a funky gothic disco pop song about lust, desire, and theContinue reading “The Villins – New York City’s Most Dangerous Band”